AD-SDI 10th Anniversary

AD-SDI 10 Years Journey

Establishment Stage 2007-2009

  • Program Release
  • 37 Stakeholders
  • 450 Data Layers
  • Program Master Plan
  • 10 Spatially Enabled Services
  • 350 Geoportal Users

Evolution Stage2010-2014

  • Geo-Maturity Study
  • Roadmap Plan
  • 70+ Stakeholders
  • 600 Data Layers
  • 40 Agreements
  • 25+ Spatially Enabled Services
  • 15 Working Groups
  • Esri MOU
  • Common Imagery Initiative

Developing Stage2015-2017

  • 12 Entities have a Roadmap
  • 70+ Stakeholders
  • 45 Standards
  • 750+ Data Layers
  • 16+ Automated Channels for Data Exchange
  • 30+ Spatially Enabled Services
  • 25+ Working Groups
  • Maximize benefits from Esri MOU
  • Common Imagery Initiative

AD-SDI 10th Anniversary Ceremony

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), the government agency responsible for the emirate's ICT agenda, organized the first Annual SDI Data Infrastructure Summit in Abu Dhabi, with more than 100 employees and government officials representing 70+ government entities celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch. The program highlights the progress and development it has witnessed since its inception, and presents the most important achievements and initiatives related to it and its pivotal role in enabling the Abu Dhabi Government and its community to access updated and high-quality geographic information and spatial data. In promoting the development of government services to serve the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan.

AD-SDI 10th Anniversary Community Awards

Best Performing Entity

Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities

Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

Best Geospatial Project

GIS Infrastructure Project

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

GIS Upgrade 2nd Release

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

Best Shared Geospatial Project

NOC Program

Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities

Geospatial Data for People with Special Needs

Zayed Higher Organization

Distinguished Contribution

Khulood Al Ahmed

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company

Pakrad Balabanian

Department of Education and Knowledge

Ahmad Yousef

Ministry of Energy & Industry

Younes Al Baloushi

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Jaafar Al Shateri

Department of Culture & Tourism

Mustafa Al-Musawa

Abu Dhabi Municipality